With artists Evy Jokhova (May 21 and 28) and Lusea Warner (May 14 and June 4), both experienced re-modelers of discarded plastic, we reformed refuse in a series of workshops to raise awareness about the volume of plastic debris in the oceans.

Jellyfish design by artist Evy Jokhova

Worldwide, plastic litter floats on the surface of the sea because it does precisely what it was designed to do: never break down. Wrappers, bottles and trinkets are mistaken by sea birds, turtles and over marine animals for their prey – turtles routinely mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. With their stomachs full of inedible garbage, animals around the globe are starving to death and washing up on beaches, where the contents of their bellies have been documented – with shocking results.

Project Ocean is a month of activities hosted by Selfridges in partnership with the Zoological Society of London and 20 conservation and environmental NGOs.