Our New York team is kicking off our NSF partnership with the Pratt Institute and Oregon State University with a new Pratt Fellowship opportunity and Artist-Scientist Residency! This project will explore how the Guerilla Science brand of mixing science, art, and play can be used by others.

Guerilla Science at Mysteryland USA 2016. Image by ALive Coverage.

Museums, cultural institutes and universities share our drive to reach audiences that fall outside traditional science choir. So, we’re starting a project to document and share everything we know about how to bring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning into culture.

Starting this April we will launch the first phase of the project — a paid residency to bring together 15 pairs of artists and scientists to create a program of original installations and live events for Oregon Eclipse music festival. We believe that games, hands-on workshops, art, and performances are great ways to connect with people. Why? Because these types of creative expression are a unique way to engage those who may be distant to science. Music, cabaret, theater and art are pervasive at music festivals – so why not science?

Over the 6-week residency period, we’ll work closely with our artist and scientist pairs to understand and record the process of designing for the unique audiences of a music festival. In August we’ll pack up the projects and head off to Oregon Eclipse for a global gathering of festival goers from around the world. In the context of this vibrant atmosphere, we will capture how our creations affect our guests’ view of science and how it can be used to express identity and view the world.

Guerilla Science explores disgust at the Secret Garden Party.

Bringing more players to the game of creating experiences and inspiring curiosity in the natural world is core to who we are at Guerilla Science. Interactive science as a powerful medium for artists to use is only getting more exciting as technology develops. We hope our guide will also help scientists find new ways to share their passion and their work with diverse groups, not just those who seek science out on their own.

If you are an artist or scientist with a great idea for a collaborative program to develop and take to Oregon Eclipse festival, read about our residency and apply here. Review of applications begins April 28th 2017.

If you are affiliated with Pratt Institute and are interested in joining the project team, apply for our Science in the Arts Project Management Fellowship here. Review of applications begins April 12th 2017.