We believe that science is a tool for empowerment that belongs to everyone. In a world of alternative facts and fake news, it is of paramount importance that scientists are able to freely communicate their research and allow people to have open access to scientific facts.

Image: Guerilla Science at Secret Garden Party 2009.

The roots of Guerilla Science lie in mixing science with art, music and play to celebrate ideas. We connect people who may not think of science as being valuable to their everyday lives with scientists in order to explore scientific ideas in ways that are meaningful to them. This type of communication relies on scientists being free to discuss their work in civil society, and for people everywhere to be able to share their hopes and concerns directly with the scientific community.

The proposed gag rule limiting the ability of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s scientists from communicating — or cases where legislators suppress scientific research from being in the public eye — run counter to our principles. These actions prevent open dialogue from taking place between those that have knowledge and those that deserve the knowledge to inform their lives and choices.

Image: Guerilla Science at Symbiosis Gathering 2016. Psychedelic Data Science talk.

Science provides an elegant and beautiful perspective of our world. People are happier, more productive citizens when they are informed and empowered to make their own decisions. We should fight to preserve this and everyone’s right to access it.

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– The Guerilla Science team