This July we’ll return to our birthplace and our spiritual home, The Secret Garden Party! Expect more of the trademark style of renegade research we’ve been busting out in the garden since 2008, like the Particle Zoo Safari. This year we’re pulling out all the stops with three jam-packed days of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll!

Friday: Drugs

11:00 Hangover Cures! The medical term for a hangover is “versalgia”, from the Old Norse meaning “uneasiness following debauchery”. Test out the severity of your hangover, and try some supposed cures with food scientist Becki Clarke.

11:30 Little Bottles, Big Smells Explore the mysteries of olfaction with our resident smell connoisseurs, chemists Tom Varley and Rose Gray. Stench of death, anyone? Or would you prefer ether?

12:00 Science On Drugs From NASA’s LSD spider experiments to Sir Humphrey Davy’s predilection for nitrous oxide, Guerilla Science’s very own Zoe Cormier leads us through science’s long love affair with mind expansion.

13:00 Dopamine Olympics Join neuroscientist Ed Bracey and attempt our pleasure-pathway obstacle course of the human brain. Dodge the bully GABA, and don’t let cocaine trip you up!

14:00 Pub Quiz Special Where would smoking a cigarette earn you a slit nose? What drug not only comes from a parasite, but also has its own saint? And why did MDMA lie forgotten on a lab shelf for 60 years?

15:30 Explosive Experiments He’ll deliver a hefty dose of smoke and fire to our drugs day, with miraculous materials and spectacular explosions. Dr Szydlo: half chemist, half amazing.

17:00-18:15 Neuropharmacological Canapes Come for a mind-bending dining experience, with drugs experts David Nutt, Adam Winstock, Will Lawn and Ravi Das. On the menu are a range of treats to tickle your neurons, from mystery wraps to dissected brains… (Tickets: £7)


 Saturday: Sex

11:00 Merkins & Gherkins Today we banish pubic hair, but centuries ago we crafted stylish wigs to brighten up our bush! Come make yourself an electronic muff and a glowing dildo, as part of a sex-themed electronics workshop with tech artists MzTEK. (Tickets: £10)

12:30 Anatomical Life Drawing An art lesson with a twist. For a unique blend of art and science, we illustrate our model’s anatomy for you, painting her circulatory system, heart, clitoris, breasts, spine and brain, directly onto her naked skin. Hosted by artist Evy Jokhova and medic Hannah Kilner.

14:00 Pub Quiz Special Human sexuality is weirder than you ever thought: truth is stranger than fiction. Discover how why penis is so specially placed in the brain, why one woman could climax through a foot that didn’t exist, and how babies can lactate. Learn all this and more in our pub quiz with a twist…

15:30 Sensory Speed Dating Forget love at first sight, what about love at first nose? Join attraction expert Rob Burriss to discover a new way of dating in sensory proportions. Come sniff and sound out your match as we explore the invisible hormonal magnets that draw us to each other. Who knows, you might even get lucky….

16:30 Crafty Chromosomes Come crochet a chromosome with geneticist Dan King and explore your individual genetic makeup. Compare your genes with other people’s and discover the genetic and environmental cues that make you who you are.


Sunday: Music

11:00 The Evolution Of Music Neuroscience reveals that music affects the brain like nothing else, creating symphonies of electrical explosions inside our heads. Guerilla Science’s very own Zoe Cormier takes us through the evolution of this uniquely human gift.

12:00 Improvisation & Inspiration What does creativity tell us about the brain – and what it means to be conscious? Come find out in a live experiment, led by scientist and musician Shama Raman, with virtuoso pianists hooked up to brain scanning equipment.

13:30 Feel The Music Synaesthetes experience the world through senses that are entwined. Join cognitive neuroscientist Phineas Head (and his synaesthete mum Marsha!) to explore what music looks like with paint, pastels, paper, and your visions.

14:30 Science Pub Quiz: Music Did we sing before we had true language? Why did the world’s very first electronic synthesiser weigh seven tonnes? Can birds keep time to Michael Jackson? And did we build the pyramids with sound? A music quiz with a difference.

15:30 Bad Vibrations Could a song make you mad? Explore the dark side of music with historian of medicine James Kennaway, and find out why Barney the Dinosaur’s ‘I Love You’ may be the most terrifying piece of music ever written.

16:30 Music Therapy Music as medicine: join therapist Helen Mottram to discover how music can treat autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. Take part in a jam session unlike any other, as we bring our SGP to a tuneful and therapeutic finale.

And out and about all weekend, we’ll have the Mini Zoo with scorpions, tarantulas, snakes and chameleons – oh yes!