Working in partnership with chef Joe Gray, Guerilla Science will host a Dirt Banquet on the evening of Friday July 22 at the Secret Garden Party at sunset – the second and last time we will host this unparalleled experience. The first was held inside London’s unrivaled Crossness Pumping Station with experimental food artisans Bompas & Parr.

As before, this feast of filth will showcase dirty delicacies such as radioactive cheese serum, ambergris, Islay whiskey, and an aphrodisiac dessert – each course inspired by the physical, biological, ethical, architectural, social, political and temporal dimensions of dirt. Full menu, which will vary from the Crossness feast, will be announced a week before the date.

Eminent experts will accompany each course, feeding guests with ideas about the nature of dirt. Neuroscientists Zarinah Agnew and Aidan Horner will introduce us to the dirty bits of the brain. Gastronomist Rachel Edwards-Stuart, former apprentice of Heston Blumenthal, will accompany canapes. Epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani, author of The Wisdom of Whores (catch her fantastic TED Talk here), wh0 will speak on sexuality over dessert. And beatboxer Yasson will serenade us with the snarling trills of the spiralidoo.

Laphroaig jelly breast smothered in ambergris at the Dirt Banquet in April. Photo Credit: Mike Massaro.

This edible adventure will provide diners with an unrivalled culinary experience that promises to be both thought-provoking as well as surprisingly appetising – check out write-ups of the first Dirt Banquet in The Guardian and New Scientist.

Buy tickets here! Limited numbers available – this is an intimate affair.

This event is part of the Wellcome Trust’s fantastic and filthy Dirt season of events.