Music: a trick of the mind and the ultimate reason festivals happen at all.

Footie fanatic, mathematician and national treasure Marcus du Sautoy.

11am Rhythm & The Brain, Jessica Grahn, University of Cambridge

Learn how regular beats are rooted in biology and why babies can pick up any rhythm. Make friends and discover how music is sonic social bonding.

12pm Why Beckham Chose The 23 Shirt, Marcus du Sautoy

Join mathematician, acclaimed author and Arsenal fan Professor Marcus du Sautoy on an exploration of the number 23 and why prime numbers rule supreme.

1pm Anthem for the Secret Garden Party, Gianna Cassidy, Glasgow Caledonian University & Robert Thomas of RJDJ

Music psychologist Gianna and music producer Robert invite you to create a festival anthem exploring how we experience music through technology, using nifty new soundsamples and apps they have developed for the iPad.

2pm The Synaesthesia game, Coney & Guerilla Science

The Professor needs your help! After making a musical brain that mixes the senses, he needs to feed it with visual stimuli hidden around the Secret Garden. Transform colour into sound and learn through play with Guerilla Science and agency of adventure Coney.

3pm Be Afraid, Dean Mobbs, University of Cambridge & Tim Maynard

Conquer your fears with neuroscientist Dean and insect and reptile specialist Tim. Volunteer for live experiments involving Mexican red-kneed tarantulas, snakes, scorpions and more.

4pm Waking The Dead? Adrian Owen, University of Cambridge

Are people in vegetative states really unconscious? Neuroscientist Adrian made history when he showed that sometimes people in comas are able to communicate. Fascinating, illuminating, and terrifying.

5pm History of Hypnosis, Darius Ziatabari

Discover the secrets of mind control, how Freud discovered the placebo effect and how mind can overcome matter with magician Darius. Witness live demonstrations of hypnosis and mind-reading.

And out and about…

10am The  Miniature  Zoo,  Tim  Maynard of the Living Classroom

Snakes. Tarantulas. Chameleons. Scorpions. Stick insects. Oh yes.

11am-1pm Kitchen Science, Nikolai & Pete

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

1pm Photography In Five Dimensions, Anab Jain & Jon Ardern of Superflux

If parallel universes exist, what would they look like? Design collective Superflux explore the possibilities.

2pm Rosie the Organ Grinder With Physics Maestro Steve Mould

Discover the secrets of sound with a hand-made street organ.

4pm Jelly Brain Dissection, Zarineh Agnew, University College London

Get to grips with the most complex thing in the known universe: jelly, set in the shape of your marvellous cerebrum. Neuroscientist Zarinah Agnew will be on hand to help you dissect, discuss and digest your mind.