See the electricity in your skull, shed all inhibitions, show us your secret places,learn to love pain, and set yourself free.

11am Visualising the mind, Luciana Haill, The Institute For Unnecessary Research, with Magician Darius Ziatabari

See the brain brought to life with soundscapes and optical treats woven from the electricity inside your head with neurofeedback artist Luciana. Darius will add live hypnosis demonstrations to show what happens under mastery of the mind.

12pm The Synaesthesia game, Coney & Guerilla Science

The Professor needs your help! After making a musical brain that mixes the senses, he needs to feed it with visual stimuli hidden around the Secret Garden. Transform colour into sound and learn through play with Guerilla Science and agency of adventure Coney.

1pm Learn To Love Pain With Sampa von Cyborg

Explore how body artist Sampa von Cyborg transcends the pain threshold with a session of live piercing, cutting, hooking, dragging and burning while hooked up to biomonitoring equipment so you can see his heart race (as yours does too). Take a ride to the event in a car – dragged by Sampa himself. What a way to start the day.

2pm Body Mapping  and the Science of Sex, Petra Boynton, UCL

Show us where you like to be touched with sex educator Petra, who will explore your intimate places with intimate questions. Shed your inhibitions, open your mind and share your secrets. Then jump in our boat for an extra intimate chat on the way out to science island.

3pm Pink  My  Poop,  James King & Daisy Ginsberg

Give yourself a health check with The Scatalog. Speculative designers Daisy and James will show how synthetic biology could be used to help monitor disease with E. chromi, a yogurt drink designed by Cambridge biologists that turns your poop pink if something plagues you. Help us make magenta manure.

4pm Mastering Memory, Ed Cooke

Explore the nooks and crannies of your mind and improve your powers of recall at the same time with memory maestro and Times columnist Ed. Learn to keep the unforgettable unforgotten.

5pm Science Pub Quiz, Frank Swain, Science Punk

Bring your grey matter for a workout in this pub quiz with a twist. Our quizmaster is back with the fan favourite: tricky trivia, boistrous heckles and witty drunkards await. Learning is fun, especially with beer.

And out and about…

10am The  Miniature  Zoo,  Tim  Maynard of the Living Classroom

Snakes. Tarantulas. Chameleons. Scorpions. Stick insects. Oh yes.

11am Kitchen Science, Nikolai & Pete

Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

1:30pm Flavour feast, Rachel Edwards-Stuart & Becki Clarke

Celebrate the manifold facets of flavour with a sensory smorgasboard.

1pm Photography in Five Dimensions, Anab Jain & Jon Ardern of Superflux

If parallel universes exist, what would they look like?

3pm Rosie The Organ Grinder With Physics Maestro Steve Mould

Discover the secrets of sound with a hand-made street organ.

Dusk-2am The Traveling Observatory, Elisa Kraus

Explore the night sky with top-notch telescopes.