It is so vast, it deserves at least a day to survey it with string theorists, levitating explosions, plane workshops, and a celebration of the history of rockets.

11am String Theory and the Origin of Symmetry, Ben Allanach, University of Cambridge

Everyone is hunting for the famed Higgs boson, the particle that physicists theorise must exist. If it is found, how will it change the way we understand the world? Particle physicist Ben will explain how scientists are theorising the universe, down to the smallest particle and right back to the very beginning.

12pm DIY Plane  Workshop, Steve  Dosman & Elisabeth Dosman

How exactly do planes fly? Create your own with physicists Steve and Elisabeth who will teach us how to get into the air and stay there. Compete in a winner-takes-all tournament.

1pm It IS Rocket Science! Helen Keen, Comedian

The history of rockets brought to life with a fusion of stand-up comedy and tinfoil in a critically acclaimed one-woman show – a celebration of stargazing, space-racing, and the boundless possibilities of an infinite Universe.

2pm Physics vs Chemistry, Steve Mould vs Andrea Sella

Flame tubes. A vortex gun. Levitations. Andrea and Steve will make music together – some of it sweet, some of it bitter, most of it smelly, with a few explosions thrown in for good measure.

Ferrofluid monsters by Steve Mould.

3pm Science Pub Quiz, Frank Swain, Science Punk

Bring your grey matter for a workout in this pub quiz with a twist.Our quizmaster is back with the fan favourite: tricky trivia, boistrous heckles and witty drunkards await. Learning is fun, especially with beer.

4pm Beatbox Laboratory, Yasson, Addy P  & Evan Morgan

Performance scientist Evan will put battling volunteers and champion beatboxers Yasson and Addy P through their paces to unmask the secrets of vocal mimicry, from high hats and snare drums to the deep bass of thumping beats.

5pm Accelerated Learning, MC Inja

Our grand finale: a session of stellar freestyle rapping with MC Inja who will wax lyrical on the weekend’s events, from bleeding cyborgs to the stringy fabric of the Universe. Inja is back for another year to end our weekend with a rhythmic bang.

And out and about…

11am Kitchen Science, Nikolai & Pete

Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

12:30pm Photography in Five Dimensions, Anab Jain & Jon Ardern of Superflux

If parallel universes exist, what would they look like? Superflux explore the possibilities with a multidimensional camera.

1:30pm Rosie The Organ Grinder With Physics Maestro Steve Mould

Discover the secrets of sound with a hand-made street organ.

1:30pm Flavour feast, Rachel Edwards-Stuart & Becki Clarke

Celebrate the manifold facets of flavour with a sensory smorgasboard.

Dusk-2am The Traveling Observatory, Elisa Kraus

Explore the night sky with top-notch telescopes.