Devoting a day to the most complex thing in the known universe.

2pm The Neuroscience of Meditation, Emily Wright, University College London

Find out how advances in brain imaging technologies are teaching us what happens during meditation with an interactive workshop.

3pm Secrets of Sleep, Tristan Bekinschtein, University of Cambridge

Of all things human, dreaming is one of the least understood. Learn how to manipulate your visions and find out why we dream at all.

4pm Sonic fire, Steve Mould & Guerilla Science

We will literally change the way you see sound using a Reuben’s tube to reveal the shapes of sonic waves with a string of dancing flames.

5pm The Illusion Of Self, Tom Manley, University of Cambridge

Are you really you? How can you be sure? Neuroscientist Tom will run a series of live experiments to test the ultimate unknown.

And out and about…

2pm-5pm Kitchen Science, Nikolai & Pete

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.