A day for pondering the intricacies and fallacies of the most complex thing in the known universe: your mind.

Mastering Memory 1400-1500 Professor Adrian Owen, University of Cambridge, and Richard Bowdler, Guerilla Scientist

In a world of sharp-eyed Sudoku addicts, Luminosity fanatics, mind game traffickers and declining grey matter, do any of the brain training products on offer really work? Memory maestro Richard Bowdler and attentive scientist extraordinaire Professor Adrian Owen unpacked the phenomena of brain training for us and explained how we truly can collect our thoughts and make them stick.

Facelab 1500-1600 Josh Davis of the University of Greenwich

It’s one thing to mistake someone for somebody else – but it’s quite another when their freedom relies on it. Prof Davis combines interactive demonstrations with examples of real miscarriages of justice to explain how we can so easily misidentify a human face. He showed us some of Facelab‘s latest advancements, all designed to improve the fairness of identification procedures, and explained how science is helping to prevent innocent people from going to jail.