Our festival programme is taking shape! Based on the ever appealing themes of sex, drugs, and music, we will we be treating the good folk of the Secret Garden Party to three days of events in the Guerilla Science tent.  From ketamine and polyamory to scent-based speed dating and the future of electronic music, check out the list of events below and join us at SGP from 25-27 July… 



11:00 – Welcome to the Mini Zoo

Our resident zookeeper takes us on a sex, drugs, and music-themed tour of the animal kingdom.

11:30 – Healing High

Psychedelics, ecstasy and ketamine: a messy night of vice or effective treatments in psychotherapy? Psychologist Fran Meeten and neuro-pharmacologist Robin Carhart-Harris explore the use of illicit drugs to heal the troubled mind.

12:00 & 15:00 – Little Bottles, Big Smells

From aromatherapy to anaesthesia, the sense of smell has been used for millennia to influence mind and body. Chemists Rose Gray and Alex Bour present a collection of chemicals to take your nose on a journey through the myths and legends of olfaction.

12:30 – Synth-topia

Hear how the synthesiser came to change music forever through a tale of eccentric pioneers and DIY fiddlings. Experience the new wave of electronic music innovations as we showcase the latest projects from artist and composer Frieda Abtan and her band of electronic dreamers.

14:00 – Taste the Music

What do you like listening to when you eat? New research suggests different sounds influence how our food tastes. Test out new combinations of tunes and chow in a live experiment with food scientist Rachel Edwards Stuart.

15:00 – Sex in Britain

Who with? Where? What? How often? All good questions, especially when it comes to the sex lives of Brits. We undress the results of NATSAL – the largest ever survey of national sexual habits – with researchers Clare Tanton and Soazig Clifton.

16:00 – Is Monogamy Dead?

Comedian Rosie Wilby questions our relationship choices and messy entanglements. Polyamorists welcome!


11:00 – Hangover Cures

Feeling a bit rough after the night before? Come and test the severity of your hangover, and then try a variety of exotic and historic ‘cures’. Food scientist and beer expert Becki Clark will consider what a hangover is all about – and if there’s anything you can do to make it better!

12:00 – Visualising Vibrations

Waves of energy carrying speech and music keep the air abuzz with sound. Explore the physical nature of sound waves as we create sculptures and spectral laser patterns with Get Your Hack On and auditory neuroscientist Chris Plack.

12:00 & 15:00 – Drug Games & Risky Business

Dealers of conversation Ravi Das, Will Lawn and Tom Freeman invite you to become an addiction studies lab-rat in their ‘superstitious conditioning’ simulator. Compare your perception of the perils and pleasures of drug-taking with official advice, and pop a pill at the definitive Garden Party drugs poll.

13:30 – The Secret Life of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies have been key to many biological breakthroughs. Come play with DJ Fly (aka James Hodge) and discover how his favourite insects have shaped our understanding of sex, drugs and music. With real flies!

15:00 – Sensory Speed Dating

Forget love at first sight, what about love at first sniff? Feel and sound out your match as we explore the invisible hormonal magnets that draw us together with attraction researchers Mary Cowan and Caroline Allen. Who knows, you might even get lucky…

16:30 – Seeing Differently

Perception underpins everything we see, know and believe. Perception expert Beau Lotto talks about how sex, drugs and music can literally change what we see… forever.


11:00 – Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Guerilla Science’s Zoe Cormier explores and celebrates the unholy trinity of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Join us as we expose the science of hedonism – and the hedonism of science.

12:00 – Sexy Beasts

The animal kingdom is full of weird and wacky mating strategies. Join zoologist Cedric Tan to act out a range of beastly sex moves and watch kinky performances from others. The best animal sex impersonator takes the prize!

13:00 – The Hedonist’s Treasure Hunt

Explore the festival with new eyes as we guide you through a maze of fiendish clues and scientific surprises.

14:00 – Shamanic Rituals & Altered Minds

Danny Nemu shares his experiences of Amazonian shamanism in a personal tale of music, magic, myth and medicine. Danny is joined by sociologist Angus Bancroft to explore why humans across the globe – from the deepest forest to the urban jungle – seek to alter their minds with drugs.

15:00 – Science Pub Quiz

Can birds keep time to Michael Jackson? Do babies lactate? Explore the wonders of orgasms, LSD, rhythms, and more in our quiz with a difference.