This summer sees our first foray to one of England’s loveliest festivals, Shambala!

Join us August 23-27 on the August Bank Holiday Weekend at a stunning secret location in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside as we explore your anatomy, hack an orchestra and take the hunt for the Higgs to new terrain.


12:00 Introducing the Miniature Zoo: Tim Maynard

Our resident zookeeper Tim will introduce Geoff the chameleon, Millicent the giant millipede and Harriet the tarantula. Daily outside our tent come meet our complete collection, featuring snakes, geckos and bearded dragons!

12:30 and 15:00 Anatomical Life Drawing

For a unique blend of science and art, Evy Jokhova will reveal our model’s inner anatomy, outlining her viscera, bones, veins and nerves. Come explore the human form from the inside out.

14:00 The Evolution of Music: Zoe Cormier

Neuroscience has revealed that music affects the brain like nothing else, creating symphonies of synchronized electrical explosions inside our heads. Learn what science has taught us about music – and what music has taught us about science.


12:00-17:00 Hacked Human Orchestra: MzTEK

Join us as we blend soft fabric electronics with creative technologists to transform your threads into wearable musical instruments. Come use learn to use conductive thread, resistors, transistors and copper tape to create a high pitched piano or a sonic sampler to take home with you. This all-day workshop also features omposer Florian Lunaire treat you to a personalized recording session. Let us hack your outfit with creative technologists MzTEK. Cost: £5.


12:00 Zombie Apocalypse: Frank Swain

Discover how to make your own voodoo slaves using parasitic worms and puffer fish, learn why 40% of the audience may already harbour a mind-bending bug, and remember how to avoid becoming a zombie yourself. P.S. BRAINS.

13:00 & 15:00 Particle Zoo Safari

Come on a quest for the fundamental particles of the universe. Observe the strange mating rituals of quarks and electrons in their natural habitat. Who knows, we may even find the Higgs!

14:00 Rocket Science: Simon Foster

Witness rocket-man Simon go ballistic as he cooks up an explosive mixture of Newtonian physics, Nazi flying bombs, and Cold War moon missions. Come learn to mix gunpowder and help us go out with a bang.