On April 12, we celebrate the 57th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s entrance into space. The Russian pilot completed an orbit of the Earth in just under an hour and a half, marking the beginning of human travel to the great void. Join us on a virtual vacation at a global party in his honor! 

Yuri’s Night space parties are happening on every continent. All throughout April, people all over the world will be honoring humanity’s past, present and future in space. What better way to honor Yuri than to take a stroll on the Moon or Mars? We’re excited to offer Yuri’s Night attendees a chance to party in space with virtual reality!

No matter where you are on the planet, you can join in the festivities. Check out the Yuri’s Night website to find an event near you—even in Antarctica! So far this year there are 127 events registered in 38 countries on 7 continents. Can’t find one nearby? The Yuri’s Night team invites you to start your own!

If you’re organizing or attending an event, take a virtual space vacation with our Intergalactic Travel Bureau! Here’s what you need to do: