It’s that time of year again! This marks the ten year anniversary for England’s most riotous of music festivals, The Secret Garden Party – our birthplace and our spiritual home.

We will be there in full force July 19-22, hosting the explosive, experimental and experiential events that will change forever the way you see science. Get your hands dirty, scream and swear, take your clothes off – and don’t for a microsecond worry about a test at the end.

Discover how truth is unequivocally stranger than fiction with the SGP’s favourite renegade researchers as they mix science with art, music and play. Speak to the stars, become a drug, fire a catapult, master your memory, hunt for the Higgs, touch the moon, cradle a chameleon, dissect a brain, tango with a quark, and come ponder how remarkable it is that you are reading these words at all…


11:00 The Miniature Zoo: Tim Maynard 
Our resident zookeeper introduces chameleon Geoff, Harriet the tarantula, and
Millicent the giant millipede.

11:30 Robo-fish! Keri Collins 
Keri builds submarines that look and move like fish. Join us as we delve into a world of biomimicry, espionage and mechanical engineering.

12:00 Mastering Memory: Ed Cooke 
Explore the nooks and crannies of your mind and improve your powers of recall at the same time with Grand Master of Memory Ed.

13:00 Particle Zoo Safari: Patrick Stevenson-Keating & James Monk 
Come on a quest for the fundamental particles of the universe. Observe the mating rituals of quarks and electrons in their natural habitat.

14:00 Zombie Apocalypse: Frank Swain 
Discover how to make your own voodoo slaves using parasitic worms and puffer fish, learn why 40% of the audience may already harbour a mind-bending bug, and remember how to avoid becoming a zombie yourself. P.S. BRAINS.

15:00 Jelly Brain Dissection: Zarinah Agnew
Come dissect, discuss and digest the most complex thing in the known universe: jelly, set in the shape of your marvellous cerebrum.

15:30 Science Pub Quiz: Frank Swain 
Bring your grey matter for a workout with a twist. Come learn enough odd facts to Asparkle in pub conversations for years.


11:30 Where Are All The Cyborgs? Sarah Sydney 
If Sci-Fi’s anything to go by, bionic people should have been walking among us years ago. Prosthetics expert Sarah goes in search of our transhuman future, by way of Oscar Pistorius, Captain Hook and the latest robotic hands.

12:00 Life On Other Planets: Louisa Preston
Life can survive – and thrive – in the deepest, darkest, hottest, and coldest recesses of our planet. If bacteria can live off arsenic, what else could the universe hold? Featuring actual pieces of a meteorite, the moon and Mars!

13:00 Fear & Loathing In The Garden: Fran Meeten 
Join us as we explore the evolution of our primal instincts. From age-old fears to bizarre phobias, come challenge your disgust threshold and meet some of our friendliest creepy crawlies.

14:00 DIY Alien Contact: Jeff Lashley & Zoe Cormier 
Engineer Jeff has brought a radio transmitter from the National Space Centre to broadcast messages live from the Garden out into space. If you had one chance to speak to the stars, what would you say? Come join our interstellar chatter.

15:00 Chemical Assault Course: Mike Hughson 
Become the drugs as they are made and fight for survival through the obstacle course filtration process: first one to make it to a blister pack wins. Come purify, centrifuge and vacuum pack yourself into a pharmacological treat.

16:00 Visualising Vibrations: Reeps One & Steve Mould 
Watch as we transform sound into light as our physics maestro Steve and beatboxer Reeps One turn the auditory into the optical with fire, smoke and mirrors. Magic? Nope. Sublime? You bet.


11:00 The Evolution Of Music: Zoe Cormier
Neuroscience has revealed that music affects the brain like nothing else, creating symphonies of synchronized electrical explosions inside our heads.

12:00 Laughter Clinic: Sophie Scott 
There is far more to the act of laughing than we may think. Come for a chuckle lab, featuring brains scans of mirth, and Tickle An Over 40-Year-Old!

13:00 The Illusion of Self: Tom Manly 
Are you really you? How can you be sure? Neuroscientist Tom will run a series of live experiments to test the ultimate unknown.

13:30 Small & Beautiful Experiments: Steve Mould 
Our physics maestro reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary: gather round for tiny marvels of fire, light, sound and chemistry. Do try this at home.

14:00 Science Pub Quiz: Frank Swain 
Bring your grey matter for a workout with a twist. Come learn enough odd facts to sparkle in pub conversations for years.

15:00 Dr Szydlo Blows Things Up 
He’ll blast the lids off garbage cans, make rainbow water, and show you the miraculous in the material. Dr Szydlo: chemist extraordinaire.

16:00 Chemistry Vs Maths: Andrea Sella & Steve Mould 
Andrea and Steve will make music together – some of it sweet, some of it bitter, most of it smelly, with a few explosions thrown in for good measure.


All Weekend: The Mini Zoo, Tim Maynard 
Scorpions. Snakes. Tarantulas. Insect racing. Oh yes.

Friday & Saturday: Catapult Building, Buro Happold Engineers
Water balloons and paint. What could go wrong?

Saturday & SundayIn The Zone, Greg Foot 
Half science geek, half adrenaline-junkie.

Saturday Only! Flavour Feast, Rachel Edwards-Stuart & Jess Chambers 
Mixing colour, scent and sound for a sensory feast.

Plus we are delighted to bring you the best of the Eat My Sci Shorts Guerilla Science short film competition!


We Didn’t Start The Scanner, by Jake Fairnie/Anna Remington: A potted history of neuroscience.


Unwanting to Stand Still, by Natalie Savva: A poetic look at the formation of stars.

Earthbook, by Bernd Hezel, Ephraim Broschkowski for Climate Media Factory: The history of the earth told through social media.