This guest post is by Susan Bernfield, producing artistic director of New Georges theater company & our partner on Works on Water. Find out some of her favorite memories alongside our photos of the entire event-filled month!

Even for my theater company, where we always want to turn a production into a one-of-a-kind event, Works on Water was a massive undertaking.  It encompassed not only (NOT) WATER, a big immersive theater piece ten years in the making, but also an inaugural triennial of art that works on, in or with the water (say THAT 5 times fast!), interactive installations, a conversation series, off-site adventures, and so many super-cool partnerships and experiences we could barely count ‘em!

Courtesy of Guerilla Science collaborator Marina McClure, we’re so happy to have amazing photos that beautifully chronicle the entire span of the month and provide a near-epic sense of the whole shebang. You can check ’em out HERE.

Looking through them brought back some of my fave moments of the whole experience:

The first time we entered WoW’s hub, Studio A at 3LD Art & Technology Center, for technical rehearsals for the play… the art had been installed, and we got our first taste of the whole environment and how art and theater really would intersect!

Tech rehearsals for the immersive new play (NOT) WATER. Image by Marina McClure Photography.

Those hanging boats!

Watching audiences subtly realize what was happening around them as Studio A shifted for every performance: the artworks going to sleep, the play waking up, the play ending and the artworks coming back to life….

Guerilla Science’s gorgeous, disarming installation in the bathrooms

Getting audience brains moving with a pre-show game!

And finally, that well-deserved post-show beer!

Walking into that full, alive space every day, then standing by as audiences discovered all there was to see, was the great pleasure of the event.  I’m so glad to share that with all of you through these fantastic images.

See more of the massive multi-disciplinary event in our Flickr gallery.