Last year we had a smashing time at Wilderness, the most verdant and sumptuous of festivals to be found amid Albion’s fair and pleasant hills. We’ll be back this year with life drawing classes and a celebration of music as medicine…

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Friday: As If By Magic, 10:30am, Wilderness Stage

He’ll deliver a hefty dose of smoke, fire and brimstone to our day, with miraculous materials and spectacular explosions. Dr Szydlo: half chemist, half amazing.

Saturday: Life Drawing, 2pm, Natures Stage

As part of the Now Festival, we bring you an art lesson with a twist. For a unique blend of art and science, we will illustrate our model’s anatomy for you, painting her circulatory system, heart, lungs, spine and digestive system directly onto her naked skin. Appreciate the human form from the inside out like never before.


Sunday: Music & The Brain, 10:30am, Fiction Tent

Neuroscience reveals that music affects the brain like nothing else, creating symphonies of electrical explosions inside our heads. Guerilla Science’s very own Zoe Cormier takes us through the evolution of this uniquely human gift.

Last year we invaded the woodlands and smashed it up hard with our catapults in the Splurdge Fight with the Future Cinema’s screening of Bugsy Malone. We also created musical t-shirts, weaving conductive thread, resistors and transistors into wearable musical instruments with the Hacked Human Orchestra, a collaboration with the fabulous MzTEK!


This year we’ll be back for more delicious treats to pepper the leafy grounds with our guerilla warfare tactics. Just you wait and see…