Audubon Society

Ethereal centrepieces to animate an annual gala for the National Audobon Society.

The National Audubon Society commissioned Guerilla Science to come up with a solution to enliven their annual gala in New York City.

Recognizing the importance of the dining table as a social space to connect with others, we designed futuristic centerpieces that sparked the curiosity of gala goers. We created beautiful 3D projections of birds in motion at the center of each table—technology reminiscent of the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars.


These custom-designed pieces are a very affordable and flexible table-top version of the more expensive projection displays used frequently in permanent installations at many museums. The image can be adapted to include anything from animals and people to company logos and symbols, either static or in motion. The centerpieces were a highlight of the evening for many of the Audubon gala attendees and exhibited over two years.


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