Fermentation Station

A multisensory exploration into fermented foods and the gut microbiome.

Step up to our giant pink booth and meet the trillions of bacteria that live inside your gut!

From inside the Fermentation Station, pink apron clad hosts serve up the tastes, smells and sounds of ancient fermented foods to the wonderment of guests. Watch or join in with the multisensory tasters to enjoy playful insights into the complex relationship between the human stomach and brain. With out take away recipe cards guests can even discover how to  make fermented foods at home. Guests can even try how to make your own fermented foods with take home recipe cards.

The Fermentation Station can also be added to any Flavour Feast event to explore added content about food and flavour perception.


This roving party can pop-up anywhere and has been to the Barbican Centre as part of a Flavour Feast event.


‘Guerilla Science were a delight to work with.¬† The funky, fermented foods at the Fermentation Station booth and the multi-sensory exploration of the flavour demonstrations were fun and informative for young and old alike and perfectly complemented our Life Rewired theme’

– Assistant Producer, Barbican.




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