Training for EUROfusion

Guerilla Science developed and delivered a bespoke training workshop incorporating elements of public engagement, experience design, science communication and evaluation as part of the annual EUROfusion meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania. 


Guerilla Science was invited by the Head of Communications at EUROfusion to run a one day training workshop for the EUROfusion network on developing engaging outreach and public education programmes based on fusion research. The training was held as part of the annual EUROfusion meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania.

 Image credit: Irfan Simsar
Image credit: Irfan Simsar
Image Credit: Marina McClure Photography
Image Credit: Marina McClure Photography


Training focussed on supporting participants’ existing ideas to develop meaningful public engagement outreach activities that were relevant to their desired target audiences. Guerilla Science worked with participants to generate and prototype ideas and identify next steps to practically deliver these activities within their respective organisations.

“Pigalle Tavakkoli and Jen Wong inspired a diverse group of outreach and education officers to rethink trodden paths. Guerilla Science helped them to reform their established events by adding engaging ingredients to the recipe. 

Pigalle and Jen engaged all participants regardless of their educational background. They moderated the participants’ discoveries to identify the sweet spots between institutional aims and visitors’ needs. The handy toolkit made outcomes stick and is easy to apply. Pigalle and Jen own a deep understanding of modern science communication – far beyond the deficit model. And they know how to convince!”

–Dr. Petra Nieckchen, Head of Communications, EUROFusion


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