Hendrick’s Gin

A programme designed to delight and inspire audiences with the universe inside our heads for Hendricks’ Gin

Guerilla Science were commissioned by Hendrick’s Gin (UK) to develop a weekend programme for their Carnival of Knowledge as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. We designed a weekend programme themed around ‘the Universe inside your Head’ to delight and inspire audiences with the endless possibilities of the brain. The programme featured events and participatory installations inspired by the physical, biological, ethical, architectural, social and temporal dimensions of the brain.

Guests were taken on a multisensory adventure that invited exploration and conversations themed around the brain. Each day’s program moved from a more literal interpretation of the brain to increasingly abstracted inspiration, looking to history, art and imagination for alternative interpretations of the mind.

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Jelly brain dissections in the parlour were complemented by a participatory memory maze installation in the hall. A variety of leading thinkers at the cutting edge of brain research shared their insights into the brain. From experiencing a form of 16th century melancholia whose symptoms included feeling like you were made of glass to hearing about real life 21st century zombies, audiences got to grips with how truth can, and often is, stranger than fiction.

A selection of elements from this programme were then recreated at Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge at Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion.

“You guys were great – you really brought an amazing mix of interesting characters and experiences” — Duncan McRae, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador


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