New York Academy of Sciences

A three day training course followed by field experience at Dutchess County Fair in upstate New York.

Held at the New York Academy of Sciences, this three-day activity-rich workshop will cover topics including: science, society and culture; audience interactions; mixing science with art, music, and play; building immersive experiences; bringing science into unusual places; and designing for equity and impact. The workshop will culminate in a final showcase where participants bring together all they have learned in a unique public engagement activity they will share, first with their peers, and then with the general public as part of their field experience. The workshop includes optional field-trips and social activities in the evenings.

Inna Shnayder @Inna.Shnayder-81
Racing roaches at the Entomophatron - Image: Skyler Greene
Racing roaches at the Entomophatron - Image: Skyler Greene

Graduates from the workshop will create, perform and engage with public audiences in two days of field activities, pop-up events, and immersive, playful events at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, New York (August 20-25). Participants will have the option to select any two days of the five-day fair period for their field work. This unique experience will enable them to synthesize all they’ve learned, while introducing new, diverse audiences to the excitement of scientific discovery.


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