Queer Attraction Lab

An intimate exploration into lust, neuroscience and the senses for an LGBTQ+ audience, showcasing research from the Anglia Ruskin University.

We were commissioned by the Anglia Ruskin University to create an impact case study by taking their research into human attraction out of the laboratory to new and diverse audiences. So where better to go than the underground queer scene in London!

We developed and delivered two Queer Attraction Lab events at LGBTQ+ venues across London. Hosted by queer activists and an attraction scientist, blindfolded guests took part in titilating rounds exploring how our senses influence attraction. In true Guerilla style, they were intimate evenings filled with erotic experiments, sexy science and research into the LGBTQ+ sexuality spectrum.


‚ÄúGuerilla Science events are an excellent platform allowing scientists to not only communicate their work, but to also engage in meaningful conversations with a range of different audiences. Working with Guerilla Science on Queer Attraction Lab helped me reached audiences that I had previously neglected, but also to learn about the limits of my own understanding. Throughout, everyone Guerilla Science were helpful, knowledgeable, and excited to push at the limits of public engagement.‚ÄĚ

– Professor Viren Swami, University of East Anglia

To create the Queer Attraction Lab we collaborate with Viren Swami and Travis Alabanza.


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