Science Museum Lates

Guerilla Science were invited to curate one of the Science Museum’s monthly Lates. With an audience of more than 5,000 people, we were very excited to present a range of events themed around ‘the Science of Hedonism’ to help promote the publication of our new book.

In homage to our hedonistic theme, we prepared a range of talks, workshops and spectacular demos to explore the latest scientific insights on sex, drugs and music. From the chemistry of distillation to an interactive exploration the UK’s sexual habits, we presented fourteen events to amaze, entertain and amuse our audience.

Distilling Distillation

With miraculous materials and mini explosions, chemist extraordinaire Andrea Sella reveals the mysteries and wonders of one of Britain’s favorite drugs: alcohol.

The Secret Life of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies have been key to many biological breakthroughs. Come and play with drosophila researcher James Hodge and discover how his favourite insects have shaped our understanding of sex, drugs and music.

Anatomical Life Drawing

A life drawing class with a difference. For a unique blend of art and science, we illustrate our model’s anatomy for you, painting her circulatory system, heart, clitoris, breasts, spine and brain – directly onto her naked skin. Hosted by artist Evy Jokhova and scientist Emira Kursumovic.

Image: Rita Platts
Image: Rita Platts
The audience cast votes in our survey of drug-taking habits.
The audience cast votes in our survey of drug-taking habits.

Drug Games & Risky Business

Dealers of conversation Ravi Das, Will Lawn and Tom Freeman invite you to compare your perception of the perils and pleasures of drug-taking with official advice, and pop a pill at the definitive Science Museum drugs poll.

Sex in Britain

Who with? Where? What? How often? All good questions, especially when it comes to the sex lives of Brits. We undress the results of NATSAL – the largest ever survey of national sexual habits – with researchers Clare Tanton and Soazig Clifton.

Prophylactic Hangover Cures

Come test your level of intoxication and then try a variety of exotic and historic hangover ‘cures’. Learn what a hangover is all about with scientist Becki Clarke – and if there’s anything you can do to make it better!

Little Bottles, Big Smells

From aromatherapy to anaesthesia, the sense of smell has been used for millennia to influence mind and body. Chemists Rose Gray and Alex Bour present a collection of chemicals to take your nose on a journey through the myths and legends of olfaction.

Crafting Chromosomes

Come crochet your very own chromosome and explore with geneticist Juliette Harris how our genes, destiny and our health are intertwined and occasionally unravel.

Is Monogamy Dead?

Comedian Rosie Wilby questions our relationship choices and messy entanglements in her latest show. Polyamorists welcome!

Body Mapping Workshop

Where do you like to be touched? Explore your erogenous zones by marking our body map with simple stickers and compare yourselves to others with psychologist Petra Boynton.

Image: Rita Platts
Image: Rita Platts
Image: Rita Platts
Image: Rita Platts

Sensory Speed Dating

Forget love at first sight – what about love at first sniff? Feel and sound out your match as we explore the invisible hormonal magnets that draw us together. Who knows, you might even get lucky…

The Taste of Music

What do you like listening to when you eat? New research suggests different sounds influence how our food tastes. Test out new combinations of tunes and chow in a live experiment with food scientist Rachel Edwards Stuart.

Smelly T-Shirt Challenge

Take the smelly T-shirt sniff challenge and investigate smell, genetics and attraction with immunologist Jake Dunn.

The Science of Hedonism

How can wordless collections of sounds send shivers down our spines and tickle ancient parts of our brains we share with reptiles? How did a chemist’s quest to create a drug to ease the pain of childbirth result in the creation of LSD? Why do goats partake in oral sex? Find out with Guerilla Science’s Zoe Cormier, author of the book Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll: Science of Hedonism.


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