Secret Cinema, Brazil

Immersive installations designed for Secret Cinema’s production of Brazil.

Working with microbiologists, hazard specialists, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, zoologists and botanists – plus feminist activists, actors and designers, Guerilla Science created a range bespoke of activities that took place for five weeks as part of Secret Cinema’s Production of Brazil.

The activities put on by Guerilla Science included: ‘Nature Safari Tours’ to find UV-reflective scorpions, glowing bacteria and mutant pigeons, ‘Plastic Surgery School’ where guests learnt to perform Z-plasty stitches with real pig skin, an ‘Atomic Garden’ inspired by 20th century efforts to create new and potentially useful plant strains by bombarding seeds with radiation, and a  ‘Dream Maze’ of test tubes where curious guests could explore and reflect on the neuroscience of sleeping visions.

Image: Mike Massaro
Image: Mike Massaro

Guerilla Science’s activities ran for five weeks and were enjoyed by over 5000 live audience members.


‘It really illustrated the breadth of variety in the human form. Very clever.’ [audience quote]

‘It was wonderful to undertake a small-group activity like that – it felt like a privilege.’ [audience quote]

Theatrical producers Secret Cinema take over strange locations and create transient, grand-scale celebrations of treasured films. Carpenters build replica sets, actors recreate scenes, artists craft installations.


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