Steely Fox | Grant’s Whisky

Spectacular chemistry demonstrations for Grant’s Elementary Whiskey launch in Cannes

Guerilla Science worked with brand agency Steely Fox as creative scientific consultants to create, develop and produce a series of activations for the launch of three new whiskies by William Grant at the Tax Free World Association in Cannes.

The Elementary range was inspired by Copper, Carbon and Oxygen -the three Periodic Table elements involved in the fundamentals of whisky distillation process. Guerilla Science developed and delivered a live chemistry spectacle for each of the three new products in the Elementary Whisky range.


Guests at the launch party saw carbon being created; experienced a chemical traffic light – a solution that changed colour when shaken through oxidation and reduction reactions; and could also try their hand at making copper coins ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ whilst sampling whisky cocktails.

“Guerilla Science have become valued collaborators of ours, providing a creative streak of science that enriches our events, makes them stand out from the crowd and creates memorable moments for clients and audiences alike. The scientists that you bring with you to our events are always friendly and approachable, and their depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject helps to adds that special something to Steely Fox productions. Our clients have always been over the moon with what we produce, and Guerilla Science is an important part of that.”

– Rory Steel, Director, Steely Fox


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