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Edible journeys into the mind for Hendrick’s Gin

Guerilla Science worked with brand agency Steely Fox to provide creative scientific consultancy for a Hendrick’s Global ‘Chambers of the Curious’ experience designed to unlock consumers’ curiosity and open their eyes to a more intriguing world.


As part of the overall immersive Chambers of the Curious experience, Guerilla Science devised an activation centred around a jelly brain dissection. A neuroscientist led guests on an edible journey into the mind, dissecting a gently wobbling brain made of jelly. They introduced guests to the brain’s functional neuroanatomy of this incredible organ, the role each part plays in aspects of the audience’s everyday lives, e.g. memory, planning, decision making etc. and evolution of this magnificent organ. As each part of the brain was discussed and dissected, pieces were fed to members of the audience.

“Myself and the Steely Fox team are always impressed by how professional the Guerilla Science team are to work with and would seek further opportunities to work with you in future years, whenever a scientific spin is needed for our projects.”
– Rory Steel, Director, Steely Fox


“In short: describing the effect as ‘trippy’ doesn’t even cut it”.
– Lovin’ Dublin review


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