Superhuman Academy

A one-day festival event exploring how new technologies can give us extraordinary creative abilities for a leading multinational technology company.

We worked with Topspin Digital Agency as creative science consultants to devise an event concept and co=produce the event which connected student audiences with technology in new ways for a multinational technology client.

Guerilla Science developed The Superhuman Academy – a one day festival event to inspire 200 London based secondary school students with the creative potential of current and emerging digital technologies. The festival celebrated our digital superpowers and explored the capabilities that the next generation of Intel technologies are going to give us in the future.


The festival involved three elements:

1. The Fair – an area filled with drop-in activities, games and demos to showcase the latest technologies being developed by the Intel Lab, providing the festival audience with a positive experience of Intel’s technical brilliance and an exclusive glimpse of emerging technologies.

2. Film & Animation Workshops – students took part in a creative workshop to make a short film inspired by the technologies displayed in the Fair. Run by professional filmmakers and storytellers in collaboration with expert facilitators, these workshops enabled students to work creatively with Intel products available for sale and easily within their reach.

3. Final Performance – a spectacular, entertaining and interactive show took Intel’s emerging technologies and playfully investigated how they might shape and enhance all of our lives in the future.


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