The Fire Organ

Visualising sound waves – in fire.

Behold the Fire Organ – our many-headed hydra of flame tubes! This spectacular steampunk instrument, inspired by 19th century Rubens’ tube technology and a classic pipe organ, creates new ways of understanding and experiencing music by revealing the shape and motion of sound waves through a dance of flame. We’ve built two of these beautiful beasts with help from our friends at Buro Happold (in the UK) and Minor Catastrophe productions (in the US).


The Fire Organ sports a special set of five pipes, and loves any kind of sound input, from voices to acoustic instruments and electronic dance music, but especially bass, treble, and pumping beats. We’ve set the work of DJs, classical musicians, rappers, percussionists and sound artists aflame with this ultimate analog sound visualizer.

The Fire Organ has astonished over 5000 audience members at a variety of venues, including music festivals, dance parties, and performance halls across the U.S. and U.K.


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