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Show Notes: Episode 4

Friend or Foe:
AI, The Future, and You

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Is your phone listening to your every word? Could technology overwhelm human intelligence?

And what social and legislative safeguards do we need to ensure that algorithms are used ethically? 

Find out what the experts think in the latest episode of Guerilla Science Presents...

In Episode 4, we jack in to the world of AI to explore how artificial intelligence is driving change in the worlds of big data, innovation, and healthcare.

This month hosts Rebecca Ellis and Rachel Williams are joined by a roster of tech-heads and academics to ask if new approaches to artificial intelligence could empower communities to make the changes necessary to keep us from the brink of extinction, or if our desire for infinite advancement could be putting the planet at greater risk than ever before…

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  • Luc Julia, co-creator of the Apple voice assistant SIRI and author of the book “Artificial intelligence does not exist”
  • Professor Susan Schneider, Director of the Center for the Future Mind and author of Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind
  • Project Stealth Tech, a collective of designers and engineers
  • Aleks Berditchevskaia, Senior Researcher and Project Manager for the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design at Nesta
  • Lydia Nicholas, program manager at the Doteveryone think tank


  • Book:¬†There is No Such Thing As Artificial Intelligence¬†by Luc Julia.
  • Book:¬†Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind by Susan Schneider.
  • Research: Center for the Future Mind led by Susan Schneider at Florida Atlantic University.
  • Report: The Future of Minds and Machines: How artificial intelligence can enhance collective intelligence, Nesta
  • Article: 20 projects bringing Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence together, Nesta
  • Project: Mozilla Common Voice, an initiative to help teach machines how real people speak.
  • Video: What is Collective Intelligence? by NESTA.
  • Toolkit: A Civic AI Toolkit by NESTA, empowering communities to address the climate crisis.
  • Article: Reverse-Engineered Irises Look So Real, They Fool Eye-Scanners, WIRED.
  • Article: Your phone’s biggest vulnerability is your fingerprint, The Verge.
  • Two Minute Papers: This AI Clones Your Voice After Listening for 5 Seconds, YouTube.
  • TechCrunch: Face DJ builds instant 3D models from a selfie, YouTube.
  • Think Tank: Doteveryone, “fighting for better tech, for everyone”.

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This month the team asks:

  • How can we create more inclusive, fair, and representative AI when human biases shape the technology itself?
  • From facial recognition to hiring and firing, how could we use AI to remove bias instead of embedding it?
  • Are there some jobs that can never be automated? And does automation force us to rethink our definitions of work and labour, recognising the unacknowledged labour of care and social work?
  • What does the existence of AI mean for our own minds and our understanding of consciousness?
  • Who keeps track of the ethical and philosophical consequences of their work?



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