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Guerilla Science Presents... is our new ‘Sci-Curious’ podcast that launched in October. We take you on a deep dive through the spectrum of human experience and examine opposing views from cross-disciplinary experts and front line thinkers to find answers in the modern world.

We put scientists, researchers, contemporary thinkers, and creative minds on opposite sides of the mic every month to share their views and opinions on divisive topics of debate. Each episode tackles one polarising subject and brings together experts from the field to navigate differing opinions using science as their compass.

Hosts Rebecca Ellis and Rachel Williams  help listeners sidestep factual whiplash on the information highway and get a fresh perspective of what we all think we know about life, the universe and everything in between.

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Episode 4: Friend or Foe
AI, The Future, and You

AI assistants have exploded into our lives, increasing accessibility to tech for everyone. But as casual discussions become online shopping recommendations, how much are our phones actually listening to us? And is AI really all that intelligent?

We speak to Luc Julia, co-creator of the Apple voice assistant SIRI and author of the book “Artificial intelligence does not exist” about the world of human-computer interactions and the future of smart technology.

As we create increasingly intelligent AI, how could we check if it has become conscious? And could putting a chip into your brain make it part of your consciousness? We spoke to Professor Susan Schneider, Director of the Center for the Future Mind and author of Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind , about the design of AI minds and their implications for our own.

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AI has shown promising results in healthcare by rapidly processing data that previously needed to be scrutinized by medical professionals.

But the technology has also been led astray by distractions that doctors can easily ignore, such as fingerprints in scans and changes in lighting, leading to incorrect diagnoses.

We speak to Lydia Nicholas, program manager at the Doteveryone think tank, about the highs and lows of integrating AI into healthcare.

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In the rapidly expanding field of wearable technology, could your mouth be the next big thing? And how early do small start-ups need to think about big data?

We speak to Project Stealth Tech, a collective of designers and engineers, about their innovative, non-invasive mouth wearable and the process of creating a common language between mouth and machine using only taste and movement of the tongue.

How can communities take control of technology to design their own destinies?

We speak to Aleks Berditchevskaia, Senior Researcher and Project Manager for the Centre for Collective Intelligence Design at Nesta, about AI-enabled collective intelligence - an approach that combines the knowledge and experience from people on the ground with the data processing abilities of artificial intelligence.

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