On Friday December 2nd, and Saturday December 3rd of 2016, we unveiled our first US experimental dining event exploring the theme of ‘Decay’ in science, arts, and creative dining.

For two nights only, Guerilla Science popped up in Bushwick, Brooklyn with a decadent banquet inspired by all forms of decay. Guests enjoyed an elaborate 6-course meal and drinks expertly prepared by our culinary partner, Methods & Madness. During the cocktail hour, violinist and composer Jeffrey Young set the mood with live music, and talks from scientists and researchers entertained diners in between courses.

Every element from the food, the decor, the entertainment, and the scientist speakers’ talks drew from the overarching theme of ‘Decay’. Dishes featured culinary decay such as fermented foods and the entire space was full of decaying flowers, dripping candles, and painted models whose paint would crack and flake as they moved.

Read about the event on MOLD.


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