What We Do

Guerilla Science brings the world's greatest discoveries out of cloistered laboratories and stuffy classrooms and into the realm of playful celebration, with the conviction that scientific insights belong to everyone and should be enjoyed by all.

We specialize in connecting audiences to scientific thinking by combining science with art, music and play to tell stories that inspire, challenge, and amaze. All of our work is driven by a core belief that science belongs to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, education or socio-economic status.

Intergalactic Travel Bureau

We bring creative firepower to your table and help our clients turn ideas into reality.

Our highly skilled team offers training to universities, scientific institutions and other clients looking to engage audiences with scientific ideas. 

Guerilla Science Psychedelic Life Drawing  4.4.18  ©Richard Eaton

We create and produce unique experiences to entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze, and help them connect with your brand.


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Are you a company, cultural or scientific organisation looking for new ways to explore or communicate scientific ideas? We'd love to use our creativity and expertise to find a solution that works for you.