Welcome to the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, the resource for all your luxury space travel needs. We cater to your unique desires when selecting a destination, and we’ll be bringing space vacations to the palm of your hand, soon!

The Intergalactic Travel Bureau is a live, interactive experience that explores the incredible possibilities of space tourism through personalised space vacation planning experiences. It’s a little bit like Virgin Galactic and Space X meet the Jetsons and Mad Men. Bringing together space scientists, astronomers, science educators, actors and the general public, the Bureau has popped up all over the UK and the US since 2011.

We invite you to come visit and let us plan your personalised vacation to another planet! For shorter getaways, might we suggest a short stay on Earth’s moon. With gravity about one sixth that of the Earth, you can enjoy moon-jumping from the comfort of your climate controlled hotel room, while the moon’s synchronous rotation provides a constant view of our home planet from your hotel window.

If you’re serious about skiing, imagine flying down the black runs of Pluto. For those who enjoy scuba diving, we suggest searching for sea life in Europa’s chilly subsurface ocean. But these are just a handful of the numerous destinations both inside and outside Earth’s solar system, and our agents would be delighted to discuss all your options with you.

Once you have selected your destination, our agents will be happy to discuss pricing, time commitments, and logistics with you to make sure your vacation is ideal for you in every detail. Please visit to plan your vacation to the stars.

Looking for intergalactic art by graphic artist and illustrator Steve Thomas? Purchase it via our shop.

The Intergalactic Travel Bureau is coming to you! Read more about our VR app and upcoming London Stage Show!


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