As part of the USA’s first ever National Math Festival, we brought our signature blend of eye-catching games and theatre to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. – carnival style.

On 18 April 2015 we rocked up to the beautiful Smithsonian Haupt Garden as part of the first ever National Math Festival. Hosted by comic maestros Steve Mould and Matt Parker and a team of actors, mathematicians, scientists and dramaturges, we delivered a magical a feast for the senses.

We presented the Oobleck Olympics, a hands-on obstacle course where teams of contestants slugged it out over a range of athletic hurdles, where the key to winning was mathematical subterfuge. In Cash Prizes for Everyone, an amazing game show with huge prizes, only those people smart enough to beat house in a series of solved games won. There weren’t many. And finally, we called on the charming and helpful attendees of the festival to help us Escape from DC, as our a roving troupe of topological Houdinis, imprisoned in ropes and handcuffs, sought to free themselves from their mathematical bonds.

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