In August 2017, the Guerilla Science collective will be heading for Big Summit Prairie, Ochoco National Forest to join the Symbiosis Gathering community in a celebration of arts and the 2017 solar eclipse.

This year the people behind Symbiosis are bringing their one-of-a-kind festival to Oregon to celebrate the total solar eclipse in the scenic Ochohoco National Forest. Guerilla Science will be joining, bringing with us a host of experiences and installations, both old favorites and brand new works. In addition, this summer Guerilla Science is hosting a SciArt residency. Our teams of artists and scientists are already busy producing wild works to entertain and intrigue festival goers.

What you can expect:

Blend chemistry, biology, and sexuality with Lube Lab! Get warm, fuzzy, and sensual with new festival friends at our trademark Sensory Speed Dating. Have a sustainable snack at our insect cafe, then recycle plastic wastes into art. Craft a kite and fly it for NASA, then chill out to the beat of your heart in the Love Dome. From trippy psychedelic goggles to microbe-paintings that glow, find us and expect to play, create, and question the world at Oregon Eclipse.

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