In July 2015 we returned for the 7th year running to our birthplace and spiritual home – the Secret Garden Party. We presented three days of events, workshops and performances themed around the science of rest, noise and play, with everything from sleep labs to anaesthesia and the neuroscience of the resting brain.

We were joined in the Guerilla Science tent by a whole host of scientists, artists, musicians, games designers and engineers, but a special mention goes out to our colleagues in the Wellcome Collection’s Hubbub group, whose research on “rest, noise, tumult, activity and work” helped inspire a vintage year for us at the Garden Party.

Also helping to warm up the crowd (quite literally at times!) was our new toy: the Fire Organ. This incredible machine is built to visualise sound waves using flames, and we were joined by engineers from Buro Happold  and artist Zach Walker as we made fire, water and cornstarch dance to the beat.

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