Mutants, flames and music! In August 2015 we brought along our Mutant Circus and Fire Organ to the fabulous Shambala Festival. Each afternoon in the aptly-named cocoon tent, our four fruit flies emerged to chat to festival-goers about their weird and wonderful mutations – from extra pairs of limbs to hairy faces. Post-fly, we rounded off each day by lighting up our Fire Organ to watch the flames dance and leap.   

Fruit flies are the unsung heroes of scientific research and our Mutant Circus invited audiences to come face-to-face with the fruit fly and its scientific legacy. Attired in fabulous costumes, courtesy of designer Georgi Shire, our fruit fly mutants buzzed around the festival site, introducing themselves to festival-goers, stealing bananas, and seeking out human mutations – from red hair to rolled tongues. After their trip, our mutants retired each day to the safety of the cocoon tent, where, with some assistance from researchers from the University of Bristol, they led a workshop that invited the audience to get hands-on these fascinating freaks of nature.

Also on show at Shambala was our new toy, the Fire Organ, presented each day by engineers from Buro Happold. They were joined on stage by artist Zach Walker, whose incredible cymatics sculpture makes water and cornstarch dance and jump to the beat, while special performances from beatboxer Shlomo and jazz band extraordinaire the Gypsies of Bohemia showed off our sound sculptures like never before.


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