You can now stretch like an astronaut from the comfort of your own home! After three years touring festivals in the UK and across the pond, Space Yoga has gone global as a 5-part mini series on Youtube. Subscribe to our channel and tune in to the Space Yoga Playlist to astro-cize.  

Space Yoga is an intellectual yoga practice for the body and brain that was born at Secret Garden Party in 2016.  Now on the Guerilla Science Youtube channel as a series of home yoga videos, anyone can prepare for space travel in these real yoga classes with a cosmic twist.

In these yoga ‘missions’ you’ll explore what microgravity does to the human body and mind through a series of dynamic stretches led by stellar instructor Gemma Hart. Each yoga mission will explore a different effect of human space travel to see if you’ve got what it takes to be an astronaut.

You might be surprised to learn that yoga and astronaut training have a lot in common, and at the end of each yoga mission, you can find out more about space travel from our five expert space scientists at mission control.

Space Yoga is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike – you may have joined us for a Space Yoga class before, or you may be totally new to intergalactic stretching. Either way, hop on your mat and get ready to shoot for the stars. Don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you on the launchpad soon!


Space Yoga Mission Playlist:

Mission 0. What is Space Yoga?
With introductions from Guerilla Science, the UK Space Agency, National Space Centre and Space Yoga instructor Gemma Hart. 

Mission 1. Muscles and Bones 
Why do our muscles and bones waste in space? We’ll find out in this strong practice focused on improving strength.

Mission 2. The Spine 
What happens to our spine in space? In this practice we’ll be moving and grooving to improve spinal mobility and strength.

Mission 3. Spacewalks
Did you know a spacesuit weighs 125kg?! Astronauts need a strong core, great balance and unwavering focus to spacewalk, which we’ll be practicing here.

Mission 4. Fluids
Ever felt motion sick, congested or bloated? Astronauts experience all three! We’ll use with inverted postures to play with fluid redistribution.

Mission 5. Meditation on Earth 
Does space travel change the way we see our world? In this guided visualisation, we’ll be meditating on seeing your beautiful blue home planet from space.


Space Yoga Mission Control Playlist 

Mission Control 1. Muscles and Bones with Colleen Deane
Colleen is a sport and health scientist at the University of Exeter, hear about her research on muscles by flying worms into space!  

Mission Control 2. The Spine with Julia Attias
Julia is a space physiologist at King’s College London, hear about her work testing a skinsuit designed to keep astronauts’ spines healthy in space.

Mission Control 3. Spacewalks with Lucas Rehnberg
Lucas is a medical doctor at InnovaSpace, hear about his trips to the Oman desert where he tests spacesuits for Mars with the Austrian Space Forum. 

Mission Control 4. Fluids with Elisa Raffaella Ferrè
Elisa is a cognitive neuroscientist at Royal Holloway London, hear about her vestibular lab that researches how changes in gravity can change our behaviour and what this means for astronauts.

Mission Control 5. Meditation on Earth with Iya Whiteley
Iya is a space psychologist at University College London, hear about the voice-recognition software  she is currently developing to help to support astronauts wellbeing on long missions to the Moon and Mars. 

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