Burning Man

We partnered with The Phage camp to take our pop-up Flavor Feast into the Nevada desert, and tricked burners with a surprising selection of sensory nibbles. We had so much fun we returned the following year with the Intergalactic Travel Bureau.

Guerilla Science descended upon the playa with the Phage camp to befuddle noses, tongues and brains with Flavor Feast. For the year’s theme of ‘Radical Ritual’, we turned the daily ritual of eating on its head, and magnified it into a sensory smorgasbord to confound the sense of taste with colors, aromas and sound. Inside our giant pink booth, perception scientists and guerilla chefs donned pink aprons and experimented on burners’ five senses. Visitors were offered an array of flavor-twisting experiences from taste tripping with miracle berries to confusing mocktails.


A year later we took Burning Man attendees on a vacation from the burn to, where else? Outer space! In the back of a nondescript box truck we created an oasis of interstellar luxury at our famous Intergalactic Travel bureau. Burners pondered the great void and all of the particulars of a vacation to Mars, which, in the middle of the vast Nevada desert, felt closer than ever.


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