Oregon Eclipse

Alien archaeology, insect diners, beating hearts and dayglow microbes at the Oregon Eclipse Festival

Guerilla Science headed to Big Summit Prairie, Ochoco National Forest in Oregon to join the Symbiosis Gathering community in a vibrant celebration the arts and the 2017 total solar eclipse. Alongside a variety of our favourite Guerilla Science experiences including space yoga, anatomical life drawing and sensory speed dating, we presented the final pieces from our 2017 SciArt residency, a six-week creative collaboration between 15 pairs of artists and scientists held at the Pratt Institute.


The residency resulted in selection of innovative immersive (and dare we say, wild) works designed by a diverse class of artists, scientists, and technologists.

Bringing more players to the game of creating experiences and inspiring curiosity in the natural world is core to who we are at Guerilla Science. Music, cabaret, theater and art are pervasive at music festivals – so why not science?

Festival goers blended chemistry, human biology and sexuality at the Lube Lab. They ate sustainable snacks at a kitschy 1950s insect cafe, turned plastic waste into art, crafted and flew kites for NASA, and visualized the beat of their own hearts in the Love Dome. They excavated a mysterious landing site with proper archaeological technique, crafted art from microbes, and experienced the nuances of coupled tea sipping.

The ever-popular Psychedelic Data Science talk packs the Guerilla Science tent – Image Skyler Greene
The ever-popular Psychedelic Data Science talk packs the Guerilla Science tent – Image Skyler Greene

Guerilla Science’s 2017 SciArt Residents were Jaade Wills, Dezirae PeBenito, Sena Koleva, Nasimeh B.E., Trina Chiasson, Thomas Koff, Alex Todaro and Athena Diaconis, Ian Montgomery,Mathew Lippincott, Sophi Kravitz, Matthias Neumann and Brett Russell


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