Secret Garden Party

Pioneers in our field, we have over 10 years experience producing multi-day dedicated science programming for festival audiences.

Our birthplace and spiritual home, we hosted our own tent at the Secret Garden Party from 2008-2017, where we took our trademark form of renegade research to the festival masses. Music, cabaret, and theatres are pervasive at UK festivals, and we were one of the first who brought science!


Britain’s answer to Burning Man, the Secret Garden Party was the UK’s most playful, experimental and visually stunning music festival. Every year, we produced a multi-day programme of events in the Guerilla Science tent joined by a whole host of scientists, artists, musicians, games designers and engineers, and reaching over 21,000 festival goers.



We explored everything from sex, drugs, and rock and roll, to rest and noise, and all things space. From chemical explosions to beatbox performances and safari quests for subatomic particles, we presented four packed days of events, workshops and performances that captured the minds of British festival-goers.


“Guerilla Science have managed to produce outstanding events year-on-year that always get a great reception from our audience and we look forward to your unique blend of scientific content, high production values and irreverent fun being a key part of the festival’s future for many years to come.”

– Ollie Stroud & Fred Fellowes



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