Show Notes: Episode 3

Trip or Treat:
Scientists, Psychedelics, and Shamans

Does microdosing boost creativity? Could hallucinogens unlock the secrets of your consciousness? And could a psychedelic chaplain change your life?

Find out what the experts think – and whether your next trip could be medical treatment – in the latest episode of Guerilla Science Presents...

In Episode 3, we dive into the world of plant medicine, psychedelic retreats, and clinical trials as we investigate the highs and lows of pursuing holistic wellness, and speak to the people who have experienced them.

Hosts Rebecca Ellis and Rachel Williams are joined by a roster of experts and academics to ask if mixing science and shamanism can offer a whole new take on what it means to be well.

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  • Research: Potent psychedelic DMT mimics near-death experience in the brain
  • Research: Ayahuasca compound changes brainwaves to vivid ‘waking-dream’ state
  • Research: Ayahuasca opens up new possibilities for grief therapy
  • Research: Well-being, problematic alcohol consumption and acute subjective drug effects in past-year ayahuasca users: a large, international, self-selecting online survey
  • Research: Awakn Life Sciences is integrating psychedelic medicine into mainstream mental healthcare in the UK & EU
  • Book Chapter: Ayahuasca: an entrepreneurial ecosystem, Daniela Peluso
  • Book Chapter: Ayahuasca’s attractions and distractions: examining sexual seduction in shaman-participant interactions, Daniela Peluso
  • Article: Breaking Barriers so Psychedelic Experiences Can Become Mainstream, Forbes
  • Article: Guidelines for the Awareness of Sexual Abuse in Ayahuasca Settings, Chacruna Institute
  • Article: The Commodification of Ayahuasca: How Can we do Better?, Chacruna Institute
  • Training: Psychedelic Practioner Training program at Synthesis Institute
  • Campaign: Transform Drug Policy Foundation
  • Non-profit: Chaikuni Institute, a campaigning organisation in the Peruvian Amazon
  • Podcast: The Awaken Podcast with Natasja Pelgrom
  • Video: Dr Gabor Maté visits the Temple of the Way of Light
  • Coming soon: The Guild of Guides, a community organisation supporting psychedelic and spiritual experiences
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This month the team asks:

  • Could a psychedelic retreat be good for your health?
  • Does microdosing work? We speak to the people who’ve tried it..
  • How has ayahuasca tourism changed over the last 40 years, and what are the ramifications for the people of Amazonia?
  • What can psychedelics reveal about our consciousness?
  • What were the implications of the war on drugs, and what policies would benefit both casual users and researchers?




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