Presenting the Fire Organ – the many-headed hydra of flame tubes! A unique way to see, feel and touch sound – through flames and motion. 

We invite you to visit us at music festivals and dance parties across the US and UK. In tow, we’re bringing the Fire Organ – the mutant offspring of a Rubens’ tube and a traditional pipe organ.

With a bit of help from our friends at Buro Happold (in the UK) and Minor Catastrophe productions (in the US), we’ve built two of these beasts: one in America, and one in the UK. Differing from its more timid predecessors, the Fire Organ sports a special set of five pipes, one for every pitch.

If you’re a DJ, musician, rapper, spoken word artist or any sort of audiophile, and want to play with fire, we’d love for you to get in touch. From classical music to dubstep, the Organ loves bass, treble and pumping beats.

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