Blow Your Mind was an event developed in partnership with the Urban Academy in Southwark, a post-16 school run by charity Kids Company to support some of South London’s most marginalised young people.

Devised in collaboration with the young people themselves, the project set out to create an transform the Urban Academy into an otherworldly fusion of neuroscience, magic and illusions. First up, a lunch of ‘brain food’ and mood-enhancing cocktails (of a non-alcoholic variety!), followed by an indoor festival experience where the secret workings of the brain were revealed by actors, magicians and neuroscientists.

Inside the Chamber of Illusions (formerly the maths room) psychologist Rob Teszka demonstrated and explained a number of visual illusions, while our Memory Maze, a installation that invites people to donate memories to a growing archive, was set up in the Urban Academy’s art room. And in a literal feeding of mind and stomach, we served up a brain themed dinner, with dissections of human-sized panna cotta brains for dessert presented by neuroscientist Karen Bunday.

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Nov 28, 2014

Blow Your Mind

This guest blog post is from Shaun Higgins, a performer and youth worker who worked with us to develop Blow Your Mind, a brain-themed experiential event created…
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