Delve into your darkest nightmares, explore the horrors of sleep paralysis and learn lucid dreaming techniques to overcome them. Includes a special screening of the Devil In The Room. Tickets now available here.

The time between falling asleep and waking up can be filled with heavenly delights, hellish despair, and everything in between. For most of us, it’s down to luck whether we’re plagued by nightmares, but what if you could control your dreamland destiny? Join us on Wednesday 25th October for an evening of the macabre at the Book Club in Shoreditch where we’ll be exploring the truths behind lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis.

Dr Josie Malinowski, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of East London, will show you tried and tested methods to transform yourself into an oneironaut – that’s a dream explorer, for anyone whose Greek is getting a little rusty. You will learn just how to become aware, or lucid, while dreaming and the ways in which you can use this power for good.

We’ll also explore the depths of sleep paralysis with Carla MacKinnon, Artist and Producer, sharing her own experiences following a screening of her award-winning documentary Devil in the Room.

If you find the frightful delightful then this is truly the event for you! This is the second event in our three month Superculture residency at the Mothership in London.

Tickets now available here.

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