What are lucid dreams, and can anyone have them? Explore how reality can appear to warp in the state when we are caught between sleeping and waking, and find out how you can gain control of these.

Psychologist and dream researcher Josie Malinowski will guide you through 8 easy to follow lessons in lucid dreaming. Prepare to sink deep into the human mind, and learn how to direct your own dreamscapes so you can conquer your biggest fears, travel at will to any location on the planet or live out your wildest fantasies.

Featuring a screening of the short film Dream Baby Dream by Tree Carr, filmmaker, musician and dream guide. Tree will be in conversation to share how her dream life has influenced her creativity.

We spend about a third of our lives asleep with sleep as essential to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing. And yet many of us are literally losing sleep in an effort to keep up with the pace of our lifestyles. Get hands on with neuroscientist Rachel Williams and make a sleepy teabag to take away – draw on herbal and orthodox medicine to create your own blend of night time brew that will add zzzs to your next bedtime.

This event is part of our monthly residency with Mothership Group venues.

Tickets are now sold out, but you can join us at our next event in February, Attraction Lab!

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