What would the world look like if you could see it through someone else’s eyes? Aspiring artists found out in this extra special life drawing class.

Guests were guided through five different ways of seeing by sensory neuroscientist Ed Bracey and artist Stephanie Bickford-Smith. They discovered alternative ways that the brain perceives the world, and considered how these would alter their perceptions of reality.

Our senses receive information from the world around us, and send it to our brains to create a picture that informs our actions. However, this is an interpretation, and doesn’t always accurately represent what’s really out there. There are huge differences in the way each of us views things, making everyone’s experience completely unique.

The drawing exercises explored a range of “neuro-differences” that affect how the brain perceives the world. Guests developed five unique drawings, each representing a different phenomena in perception. These ranged from being unable to see movement or faces, having their vision filled with static, perceiving only the right half of objects, and interpreting sound in colour. By the end of the drawing class the audience was left to consider whether they could trust their senses to tell them the truth about what’s actually out there?

This was the fourth event of our 2018 monthly residency at The Book Club.


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