Wading into our first theatrical collaboration in New York City, exploring our relationship with water in a month-long multi-disciplinary event taking over lower Manhattan! Schedule and tickets to the play, conversations, and more now available.

Blue is the new green! Guerilla Science is partnering with award-winning theater company New Georges, 3-Legged Dog/3LD Art & Technology Center, and curatorial group  Urban Water Makers to present Works on Water. The project will be a 26-day program offering boundary-crossing, multi-disciplinary arts, theater, and live experiences exploring the relationship between people and water — on an individual, community, and humanitarian scale.

Hosted at 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan, Works on Water will include the premiere of (NOT) WATER, a new play based on co-creators Sheila Callaghan (Women Laughing Alone with Salad, Showtime’s Shameless, Hulu’s Casual) and Daniella Topol’s (Ironbound, Five Mile Lake) ten-year exploration of this epic element. Guerilla Science is providing science dramaturgy and creative support to Sheila, Daniella, and the incredible creative team.

Our trademark brand of subversive and inspiring experiences will also be on view in installations and dialogues that will run alongside artworks curated by Urban Water Makers, satellite off-site projects, theatrical works-in-progress, and much more!

Learn more about Works on Water and collaborators here

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